Eyelash Extensions: 2D-8D Technique

Eyelash extensions provide a fresh and open look. To make the eyes more appealing, use can be made of eyelash extensions. After all, the eyes are often the first thing a person looks at. idol lash Best Eyelash extensions can be applied by yourself or in a beauty salon. The one by one technique and the 2D-8D technique are very popular because of the natural result that results from using these techniques.

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idol Lash – Eyelash Extensions

Long and full eyelashes are a trend. To get long and full lashes, different products are available on the market. For example, there can be opted for a growth for the eyelashes or eyelash extensions. The application of eyelash extensions can be done in different ways. For example, you can choose to apply lashes yourself or to have eyelash extensions in a beauty salon.

When lashes are applied yourself, this can be done by means of full lashes with a special adhesive strip or for loose lashes. You attach the eyelashes to the eyelid with a special glue. When eyelashes are applied in this way they often sit for a day. Eyelash extensions with a longer wearing time are applied in a beauty salon, where they are applied directly to the lashes with a special glue.

These eyelash extensions therefore remain longer. When the own eyelash falls out, the eyelash extension also falls out. Because eyelashes fall out on average every two to three months, the eyelash extensions remain long. Popular techniques used in a beauty salon when applying eyelash extensions are the one by one technique and the 2D-8D technique.

One by one technique

In the one by one technique, an eyelash extension is applied per eyelash. The eyelash extension consists of one lash hair in the one by one technique. In this way, one hair per eyelash is applied. On average there are 80 to 100 eyelash hairs per eye. That is why on average 90 eyelash extensions will be applied per eye. When there is an eyelash extension on every lash hair, it will therefore be less noticeable if a number of eyelash hairs fall out. But because new eyelashes grow up and old eyelashes fall out, it is necessary to choose a refill treatment monthly. During this padding treatment, new eyelash extensions are applied to the new eyelash hairs. The one by one technique mainly focuses on length and curl. When the desire is to get more volume,

2D-8D technique

The 2D-8D technique corresponds to the one by one technique. Also in this technique the lash extension is glued directly onto the eyelash. The difference with the one by one technique is that the eyelash extension in the 2D-8D technique consists of multiple eyelash hairs. In the 2D-8D technique, the number for the letter “D” stands for the number of hairs per eyelash extensions. In this way the number of hairs per extension can be selected.

The higher the figure, the more volume the lashes get. Also in this technique an extension is placed on each lash. With the one by one technique, the amount of eyelash hairs will not change. If there are naturally 90 eyelash hairs on one eye, the number also remains 90 after the treatment. The hairs are hereby extended. In the 2D-8D technique there are more eyelash hairs per eye because there are several eyelash hairs on one extension. In this way, two to eight times more volume is created. As with the one-by-one technique, a fill-up treatment is required every month for the 2D-8D technique.

The eyelash extensions

There are three different types of lashes available on the market: mink, satin and synthetic. The mink eyelashes are made of mink hair, pay attention if you have an allergy or if you do not want to use animal products. In general, mink looks more natural, and is softer and lighter in terms of weight compared to eyelash extensions of satin and synthetic material. In addition to the material of the eyelash extensions, the length and thickness of the eyelash extensions themselves can be selected. The shape of the curl in the eyelash can also be selected. In this way you can opt for a very natural look to the real Hollywood look. Special eyelashes can also be applied, for example colored eyelash extensions or with diamonds.

The treatment

Nowadays there are more and more beauty salons that use the one by one technique and the 2D-8D technique. Both techniques generally last a little longer compared to other techniques, but the effect is more natural. The treatments last about 90 to 120 minutes. A pad treatment takes about 45 to 60 minutes.

The prices vary but a new set costs on average between 60 to 100 euros and a refill treatment is around 50 euros. It is important to look at the working method of the salon. The most important thing is that an extension is placed on each lashing hair. Some salons place less, but then it is also faster when a number of eyelashes have failed. In this way a filling treatment has to take place more quickly because otherwise there are empty spots in the lashes.

Maintenance of the eyelashes

The eyelash extensions give a natural or a striking effect through the use of these techniques. In addition, it is time-saving because it requires little maintenance (at least once a month). Because the eyelashes are selected on their own taste, no mascara is needed. When mascara is used on eyelash extensions, it is important to use mascara that is not oil-based.

In addition, it is also important to use eye makeup remover that does notoil-based. Oil can affect the special lashing glue, so the eyelash extensions can fall out. The eyelashes, on the other hand, are water-resistant. Eyelash extensions also ensure minimal damage to the lashes compared to other products. For example, removing waterproof mascara and using an eyelash curler can damage the eyelashes. The eyelash extensions can be removed with a special liquid. This can be done at a beauty salon. It is not the intention to remove the eyelash extensions yourself, this can damage the eyelashes.

However, not everyone can wear eyelash extensions. When you quickly suffer from irritated or dry eyes, the eyelash extensions are not recommended. When eyelashes are missing in their entirety, eyelash implants are needed. The eyelash extensions are directly glued to the eyelash in both techniques. At the beauty salon, stylists can check whether your eyelashes are suitable for the one by one technique or the 2D-8D technique.